Make a smart choice. Come and work for VR Group.

Many factors lead to a successful journey

Goal-orientation, innovation, and working together are the keys for success.

Choose a job in the VR Group, and you'll be in the front row. You will be involved in a diverse, developing and well-looked after community, which is a key player in Finnish society.

You will be working with 8,000 experts carrying out hundreds of different jobs. Tasks in house are varied and challenging. We are developing sustainable services and investing in cutting-edge technology. We are also on a voyage of change, as industrial structures are being transformed and we meet competition in all business areas. Over the next few years we will need about a thousand new people with the right attitude.

We want you to succeed and to feel happy at work. That's why we invest in people.

We are interested, at all times, when good people are on the move.  Perhaps your next stop will be the VR Group!