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The number of rail passengers between Finland and Russia has increased since the launch of the high speed Allegro rail service between Helsinki and St Petersburg. We serve the media in acute situations on email viestinta(a)vr.fi or our media hotline on +358 307 0123 (In Finland 03070123). The hotline is open on 24/7. 

Our e-mail addresses are in the format firstname.lastname@vr.fi.

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Relations and
the Environment
Otto Lehtipuu
tel. 0307 22 014
tel. 040 8622 014

Management Assistant
Kaija Granqvist
tel. 040 8621 810

Postal address:
VR-Group Ltd
P.O. Box 488 (Vilhonkatu 13)
FI-00101 Helsinki